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Julie Nysten -

Rêver, se cultiver, observer, s'inspirer, flâner entre les pages. Cinq livres à offrir, à s'offrir, à lire et relire.
Ici c'estParis
The Parisienne is always late. Unlike you, she has important things to do, she’s a busy woman.
How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are


Where poems are written for pigeons. Where JCVD is still just Jean-Claude.
This is Belgium
She has always been friends with her body. Great Friends.
L’Amateur de Murielle Victorine Scherre
Now is a good time to seize the power of our influence.
Freunde von Freunden – Friends
Meilleur amide l'homme
A lifelong resident of cystal river, Florida, always preferred mermaids.
Mémoire Universelle – Manimalisme de Benoît Bethume


How to Be Parisian, Randon House Publishing, 24 €
This is Belgium, The Word Magazine, 17,5 €
L’Amateur de Murielle Victorine Scherre, Lannoo, 35 €
Freunde von Freunden – Friends, Distanz, 39,90 €
Mémoire Universelle – Manimalisme de Benoît Bethume, Edition d’Art Laconti, 45 €