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©Un zèbre dans ma chambre
©Un zèbre dans ma chambre, Zia le Panda, laine de Venise, 40x40x4cm, 0,6kg, 59€
©Un zèbre dans ma chambre, Phèdre le Zèbre, laine Venise, 40x40x4cm, 0,6kg, 59€
©Un zèbre dans ma chambre, Léon le lion, laine Venise,, 40x40x4cm, 0,6kg, 59€
©Un zèbre dans ma chambre, Appolinaire le cerf, laine Venise, 40x40x4cm, 0,6kg, 59

Petit monde Un zèbre dans ma chambre (EN)

Kristina Lecloux -

Un zèbre dans ma chambre is a young brand that creates personalized embroidery for children initially, but also appealing to adults. They are made entirely by hand and adorn the walls graphically, with a subtle and poetic touch. The fabrics are embroidered wool and represent a variety of animals. Whether we prefer a bear, rabbit, zebra, panda, zebra or a fox, the result is rather minimalist and sober, far from designs that are usually found on the shelves of stores for decorating children’s rooms. Perrine Dierkens, the founder, is a graphic designer and began this project by chance, while working as a visual merchandiser. She then discovered the pleasures related to decorating, and staging areas. The paintings are also customizable by choosing a painting, animal, colour and a name. The result is astonishing and unique. Each painting comes to life in every space and brings a unique touch to the children’s room!

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Chaque vendredi, gros plan sur le petit monde d’un créateur, d’un designer, d’un styliste repéré et détaillé pour Bazar par le blog nic nac.