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Pull Anna à pompons rose pâle en mérino 85 euros ©Aymara
Pull Adrian ocre en baby alpaga 67.50 euros ©Aymara
Pull Diego couleur miel en baby alpaga 80 euros, bonnet Elsa corail en baby alpaga 37.50 euros ©Aymara

Petit monde Aymara (EN)

Kristina Lecloux -

Aymara is the result of the love story between a Belgian engineer, Sven Van Gucht, who met Yannina Esquivias, a young Peruvian travel agent, during a sabbatical year and fell in love. Yannina and Sven quit their jobs and started a knitting factory in Peru together with Yannina’s family. In 2007, the knitwear label Aymara was born. The name Aymara refers to a native ethnic group in the Andes of South America.

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